V/A - LS Archives Vol.3

V/A - LS Archives Vol.3

Liftin Spirit Records
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Its U

This track was a collaboration with ‘Rainbow Country’ and Ant Miles from the very early years 1991-92. This track was actually released on a first label attempt starting life as ‘Etheric Records’ that Ant later morphed into ‘Liftin Spirit Records’. A Hardcore stormer of the era, smashed by DJ Randall and Grooverider back in the day.



Again from way back in 1991, although under the guise of Desired State, this track featured on Ant’s friends label ‘Strategy Records’ which was inspiring Andy & Ant to formulate their own labels.


Turntable Overload

A remix from 1992 by Andy C and Ant Miles for Royal T & DJ XL originally released on Strategy Records. Once again encapturing that early 1990’s Hardcore sound that Strategy became well known for.


Move In Motion

The second flip side remix that Ant & Andy created for Royal T & DJ XL, once again, originally released on Strategy Records and remastered from the original DAT.