Origin Unknown - Voyage to the Future / Second Sight

Origin Unknown - Voyage to the Future / Second Sight

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In 1993 Origin Unknown had their first full release on Ram Records.

‘Valley of the Shadows’ aka ‘Long Dark Tunnel - 31 seconds‘ went on to anthem status, majorly contributing to the developing genre of Jungle/Drum and Bass.

After 'Valley of the Shadows' had caused shockwaves throughout the rave scene, Origin Unknown set about composing their follow up single.

With Ram and Liftin Spirit Records cementing their places in the history books, their original 1993 follow up had been put to one side while they completed many remix requests for the movers and shakers of the era and subsequently the DAT tape went astray.

Some 26 years later, while going through the archives, a DAT tape that was previously believed to be faulty actually played ok on a different machine! The tracks were finally found and sent straight to master for our ‘Reloaded’ series.

'Voyage to the Future' carries on that 1993 vibe of 'Valley of the Shadows' and will now be finally available to own on vinyl, backed with the equally sublime track 'Second Sight'.